X-Media Strategies provides intellectual capital. We are a decentralized network organisation. As such, we are in contact with a whole range of knowledgeable experts whom we can assign to projects and services that will most benefit from their involvement.


The advantages of X-Media Strategies as a decentralized network organisation are:

  • Highly specialized

Focused on a limited number of issues which are of core importance to the media and electronic communications business.

  • Reliable

Services are rendered by experienced business-oriented lawyers. The quality and the reliability of our services are guaranteed.

We don’t want the Client to buy our time, as is the case with hourly billing; instead, our focus is on understanding and delivering in the most effective way, what the Client truly values. What we do adds value and does not just cost money; it’s an investment. By contracting with us, the Client invests in intellectual capital. The level of investment will be determined on the basis of the value that we create and will be agreed upon in advance.

  • Flexible

Hands-on approach, short communication and decision lines. Due to our in-depth knowledge of the policy and regulatory environment, we can often find creative solutions which benefit the Client.

  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

If the Client is not satisfied with our work, we will return the full amount of the value of the deliverable.