Intellectual Capital

Advantages of an investment in intellectual capital

The advantages of an investment in intellectual capital as opposed to a service fee are:

  • Predictability: the level of the investment is determined in advance, on the basis of the value added; this enables the Client to budget more reliably;
  • Risk sharing between the Client and X-Media Strategies;
  • An incentive to increase efficiency in the provision of services to the Client;
  • Better alignment of price of the engagement and value to the Client;
  • Permanent availability: Picking up the phone or sending an email to discuss an issue won’t lead to a price increase;
  • No surprises: the price is fixed and can only be adjusted by means of Change Orders, which will be agreed upon separately whenever there’s a need to change or to expand the services rendered;
  • Reduction of potential misunderstandings and disputes over time spent to render services.