The current trends, as described in the section on a Changing Environment, will change the business environment and will, sooner or later, result into (further) attempts of regulatory intervention.


The issues which will trigger the attention of lawmakers and policymakers in particular are the following:

  1. Access for service providers to broadband data delivery networks (EPGs, OTT, HbbTV signals, etc.);
  2. Cross-border access to all services paid for by subscribers (including content services!);
  3. Net neutrality;
  4. Guarantees for data transfer speeds;
  5. ‘Over The Top’ (OTT) delivery of services;
  6. Regulation of bundled offers;
  7. ‘Big Data’ analysis in conjunction with guarantees for the protection of personal data;
  8. Convergence related copyright and rights management issues.

In the light of the above, our services and expertise focus on three main areas:

  • Access to broadband electronic communications networks and services.
  • The protection of personal data.
  • Copyright Clearance and Rights Management.

In all those areas, we provide expert knowledge and the following services:

  • Identification of potentially disruptive changes in the market.
  • Analysing the possible impact of changes on the Client’s business and on the different parties in the value chain.
  • Preparation of joint strategies and assistance in the implementation of complex lobby projects at different policy levels (national, European, international) for cable operators, telco’s, ISP’s and/or content providers (broadcasters; producers):
    • assistance in clearly formulating interests and lobby objectives;
    • identification of stakeholders;
    • stakeholder analysis;
    • roundtable sessions with different stakeholders and meetings with individual stakeholders;
    • analysis of opportunities and threats;
    • drafting action plans;
    • development of communication strategies;
    • implementation support.
  • Relevant research and studies to support the implementation of lobby plans (or managing the preparation thereof).
  • Development and implementation of negotiation strategies for content rights clearance and content rights management.