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China opens market for foreign game consoles and online games

China lifted the fourteen-year old ban on the sale by foreign companies of game consoles and will now encourage the further development of the gaming industry.

On 21 April 2014, the City Council of Shanghai published ‘Detailed Implementation Rules for Cultural Market Opening in the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone (Detailed Rules)’. According to the Detailed Rules, any foreign company whose business licence stipulates that its scope of business includes “production and sales of game consoles and entertainment devices” may produce and sell game consoles and entertainment devices. The equipment may be sold on the domestic market once it has passed a content review. The content review will be conducted by the culture administration departments. Companies providing online content for game consoles and entertainment devices must comply with the online game regulations published by the Ministry of Culture and must obtain an Internet Culture Operation Permit. Games must obtain permissions from the Ministry of Culture.

Sam Cai

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